Reviews: Bare Infinity - The Butterfly Raiser

Reviews: Bare Infinity - The Butterfly Raiser

Reviews: Bare Infinity - The Butterfly Raiser

2nd Full Length Album from Greek Female Fronted Metal Band, Bare Infinity. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Race of Destiny. Easy composition with Heavy riffs, Angelic vocals and mad shredding solo. 2nd track, Artemis (Ft.Albert Dannemann). Talk about Greek Goddess, this’s excellent Folk Metal. 3rd track, Reaching for the sun. The composition is solid and Modern. Her sang excellently. 4th track, In Desertis. The riffs are heavier than previous tracks, and this song more Power Metal. Male and Female vocals follow each other excellently.

5th track, The Butterfly Raiser. Another excellen Folk Metal song on this album. The composition is so catchy. 6th track, Sands of time (Ft. Ioannis Maniatopoulos). Acoustic Guitar licks alongside Distortion, that’s beautiful harmony. Middle Eastern influence on Guitar and Vocals on this song are very excellent. 7th track, Hear me out. Easy listening song Heavy Metal with Electronic Music elements. 8th track, Orion's Light (Ft. Sarah Wolf). Catchy Groove Metal song. I enjoy this song.

9th track, Ashes. The Beauty and The Beast vocals with Great Synth solo. The riffs are Heavier and Sharp like 8th track. 10th track, Robin's eyes. It’s easiest track on this album and not Heavy like other tracks. 11th track, The Devil's Call. Modern Heavy Metal song combined with Symphonic and some Electronic music elements. 12th track, The sword the stone and the wolf. Good ending song. Modern Heavy Metal combined with some classical and folk elements.

Great Cover Art and Great Composition. Great Art and Excellent Vocals.
Score: 95%
Reviews: Bare Infinity - The Butterfly Raiser
Bare Infinity:

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