Reviews: Deer Hollow - Deer Hollow

Reviews: Deer Hollow - Deer Hollow

First Full Length Album from American Technical Blackened Death Metal. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, No Peace. Dark riffs, Heavy Bass licks, Mid-tempo and Progressive element. They’re combine Blackened Doom with Progressive element and blasting. This song have some Industrial elements. 2nd track, I Cut Out My Eyes. Started with Noise. This song Darker and this’s Groovy Blackened Doom metal song. The Bass licks, Guitar riffs, and Guitar solo are really solid. 3rd track, We Are All Beggars. Epic Noise intro. This song more Doom, more Groovy and the Riffs Heaviest. 4th track, Revelation. Started with Noise intro. This’s Blackened Stoner Metal song. The riffs and composition are solid and groovy. This song rather melodic and the Noise elements are perfect.

5th track, Origin. This song rather Psychedelic, heaviest riffs like Godflesh and rather Industrial. 6th track, Sunn God. The Blasting, Guitar riffs, and Bass licks are solid. They’re combine black metal and doom metal perfectly on this song. 7th track, In Order That God Might Not Outwit Us. Started with Bass solo. The Guitar solo is very Middle Eastern and the composition is very groovy.

Deer Hollow is great combination between Darkness and Doom. They were present solid Blackened Doom Metal songs with Progressive elements.
Score: 100%
Deer Hollow:

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