Reviews: Infinity Fortress - The Triumph (Demo)

Reviews: Infinity Fortress - The Triumph (Demo)

Demo from American Underground Symphonic Metal Band, Infinity Fortress. I reviews this Demo track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Shadow of Triumph. The song rather melodic, but less Metal. Although less Metal, but the Guitar solo is good. 2nd track, Gears of the Redeemer. The Beast vocals more pronounced than first track and this song more Metal. 3rd track, Circumvent the Fae. A Beauty vocals and some breakdown parts made this song more modern. 4th track, Critical Affliction. Excellent Beauty Vocals and excellent guitar licks.

The songs are too easy, but I’m enjoyable this releases.
4 Easy tracks, but Solid.
Score: 90%
Infinity Fortress:

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