Reviews: Karma Rassa - Talks to Innerself

Reviews: Karma Rassa - Talks to Innerself

Reviews: Karma Rassa - Talks to Innerself

Talks to Innerself, 2nd Full Length Album from Russian Atmospheric Progressive Metal Band, Karma Rassa. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Silver Faces. Heavier Riffs, Excellent Piano and Excellent Guitar licks. Progressive composition with Ambient elements, it’s enjoyable song. 2nd track, Red Corridors. Started with Ambient and Mirror Shrapnel. His vocals remembered me to James (Dream Theater), but softest and the Piano is excellent, like a lullaby. 3rd track, From War to War. Although this’s war song, but they’re played an easy music. Sirine sounds like an emergency situation, war riffs, and losses choir.

4th track, The Endless Universal Hysteria. The Bass licks are Heavy & Groovy, and the Saxophone made this song more excellent. This song rather folk, and the Piano is excellent. Moslty instrumental. 5th track, Frozen Deserts. Heavy riffs, groovy composition and soft vocals. Excellent Piano and Groovy Bass licks. Simple Guitar solo and Cool atmosphere in the outro. 6th track, Look For Me Behind the Wall. Started with Excellent Guitar licks and Calm Atmosphere. Heavy riffs with calm composition and calm atmosphere. Although heavy, but I feel calm listen this song.

7th track, My Sailing Vessel in Jupiter's Storms. As usual, he’s always singing in soft vocals although he’s sang in some harsh parts. The softness of progressive and the calm of atmosphere. 8th track, The Last Starfall. The Piano more dominant & more excellent, Groovy bass licks, and his sang excellently. This song ended with Heartbeat tool and atmosphere excellently. 9th track, Talks to Innerself. A Slow ending. The atmosphere is very great, this’s good song for cooling down.

Like Dream Theater, but softest and more groovy. The Vocals are soft, but the riffs are Heavy and Groovy bass licks.
A Calm Progressive Album.
Score: 100%
Karma Rassa:

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