Reviews: Killharmonic - Hymn of the Apocalyse

Reviews: Killharmonic - Hymn of the Apocalyse

Hymn of the Apocalypse, 4th full length album from Indonesian Progressive Death Metal Band, Killharmonic. I waited their new album, and I have their album. OK, I reviews this album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Ended And Eliminated. A dark song with a lot of neoclassical elements. This song more Neoclassical and more Progressive than 2012 versions. The guitar riffs and guitar licks are thrash and darker. 2nd track, Human Destruction. The riffs are coarse and sharp. Although dark and coarse, this song present the beautiful side of progressive. The guitar licks are so harmonize. 3rd track, Reality is Destiny. I think the composition of this song is groovy and excellent jazz guitar solo. The lyrics are very poetic. Great composition and great lyrics.

4th track, Everything has been Perished. Distortion alongside acoustic guitar licks and the riffs are simple, but very middle eastern and wah. 5th track, Wrath After Wrath. Heavy bass licks and heavy guitar riffs so that more groovy and great neoclassical harmonic minor guitar solo. 6th track, Diving Warfare. Progressive riffs like Martyr with a little bit neoclassical element and the guitar solo is so excellent.

7th track, Hymn of the Apocalypse. The riffs are catchy, although this song is longest track on this album and the guitar solo is sick and mad. The ending is soft. 8th track, Revenge For Betrayal. The Neoclassical elements are really great, sill better than previous tracks. It’s beautiful dark song. 9th track, Monster (Malevolent Cration Cover). After listening progressive tracks previously, this album ended with simple death metal song.

The cover art and layout of this album more colorful than Killharmonic previous Album, Human Race Disgrace. Layout and font on this album not make my eyes pain. I’m enjoying every tracks on this album. Matt sang excellently, his vocals really deep. The Drums composition are really regular, blast and powerful.
This’s Magnificent Indonesian Death Metal album on this year.
Score: 100%

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