Reviews: Lowcaster - The Vapor Sea

Reviews: Lowcaster - The Vapor Sea

First Full Length Debut Album from American Underground Stoner Metal Band, Lowcaster. I reviews this album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Blood Moon. The riffs are heavier, but the vocals and the composition are very rock n roll. When classic rock n roll meet Stoner Metal, this’s Blood Moon. 2nd track, Ghost Lights. Yeah, this song very Black Sabbath (Hole in the Sky). Heavier Riffs and Heavier composition, but his vocals hoarse. and the composition more groovy. 3rd track, Shadowfang. Started with Dark and Gloom Atmosphere. Less Stoner, more Heavy Metal.

4th track, Land Gives Way. The composition heavier, but the guitar licks and vocals are easy. Like 3rd track, this song more Heavy Metal. 5th track, Dirty War. His vocals remembered me to Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots), less Stoner Metal and more Heavy Metal. 6th track, Pocket Bible. A Groovy song with heavier riffs and easier composition.

Rock n Roll and Stoner.
Score: 92%

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