Reviews: Saqar - The Reckoning

Reviews: Saqar - The Reckoning

EP Debut from Egyptian Technical Brutal Death Metal Band, Saqar. I reviews this EP track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Prologue. Sick Neoclassical opening. 2nd track, Deed Of The Serpent. His vocals like Mohammad Suicmez (Necrophagist). Sick Blasting, Noise Cymbal and Great Neoclassical licks. The Breakdown is sick and the riffs are solid. This song is Beauty of the Brutality. 3rd track, Fear No Evil. Beauty Neoclassical licks and Brutal Gravity Blasting. The Guitar solo is Dark and Great. Cymbal more noise than previous track (Deed of the Serpent) and the tempor is changeable.

4th track, Babel. More Blast and Darkest. The licks more complex, complex but beautiful. Less Neoclassical, more Blasting and more Brutal. 5th track, Oblivion. Started with excellent harmonic minor guitar licks. This song more Progressive, the riffs more Thrash and the tempo more stable. 6th track, Abyss. Regular tempo, solid blasting, noise cymbal and simple riffs. The guitar solo is very progressive.

5th track and 6th track aren’t heaviest like previous tracks, but more progressive. Hear this album remembering me to Necrophagist, but with Egyptian style.
The Beauty of the Darkness and the Brutality. This’s Necrophagist Al-Iskandariyah.
Score: 100%

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