Reviews: Satarial - Blessed Brigit

Reviews: Satarial - Blessed Brigit

7th Full Length Album from Russian Black Metal Band, Satarial. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Manifest Of Paganism. The riffs are heavier and rather thrash, and this song combine with Turkic Folk and Celtic Folk. 2nd track, Horned God (The Charge Of The God). Perfect Harsh and Clean vocals, solid double pedal drums and some acoustic guitar licks made this song perfect. 3rd track, Chaos. The wind instrument parts on this song is very epic and like inside a jungle. Chaos but epic. 4th track, Yarns Of Fate. This song is rather Middle Eastern and the symphony is so splendor and glorious. 5th track, Formation Of The Moon. Darker and heavier riffs and with female operatic vocals. This song combine Folk, Black Metal Opera, and Experimental Metal perfectly. 6th track, Blessed Brigit. This song very Folk, the throat vocal is perfect. Easiest and Epic.

Nordic Folk, Turkic Folk, Black Metal, Opera and Experimental. All in One in this Album. This’s Great Album.
Score: 93%

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