Reviews: Starbynary - Divina Commedia Inferno

Reviews: Starbynary - Divina Commedia Inferno

Divina Commedia Inferno is 2nd Full Length Album from Italian Underground Progressive Power Metal Band, Starbinary. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, The Dark Forest. Started with spendor choir. Thrash riffs, rather Melodic and solid blasting. This song is Thrash and rather similar with Dream Theater. 2nd track, Gate Of Hell. Groove Metal riffs and electronic elements made this song more Modern. Operatic female vocals made this song more excellent. Like early Dream Theater, but more solid and more progressive. 3rd track, In Limbo. Thrash riffs and Dark guitar solo. Changeable tempo and changeable composition. They were created a solid song.

4th track, Paolo e Francesca. The Synth Solo and Guitar solo are follow each other. This song rather Heavy Metal. 5th track, Medusa and the Angel. This song is very Djent and the riffs more solid. Like 4th track, Synth Solo and Guitar solo follow each other excellently. 6th track, Seventh Circle. This song darker than previous tracks. The effects on this song really insane. Yeah, usually Synth solo and Guitar solo are madness.

7th track, Malebolge. Started with Soprano Female vocals, this song is very renaissance. Vocals like the Singers in Renaissance era with Progressive elements. This song combine Operatic and Modern Progressive Metal perfectly. 8th track, Soothsayers. This song is so calm, no distortion. A calm song for cooling down our mind. That’s excellent. 9th track, Ulysse's Journey. Heavier riffs, and some Neoclassical riffs. The Synth solo is the Best solo in this album. 10th track, The Tower Of Hunger. Synth on this song more dominant, made this song more Modern. 11th track, Stars. Started with Space ambient sounds. The riffs are Thrash & Sharp and Synth sounds made this song more Modern and Digital. This song combine Neoclassical, Progressive, Space Ambient, Folk and Power Metal perfectly.

When Classical Music meet Modern Progressive Power Metal. This’s Divina Commedia Inferno from Starbinary.
Score: 100%


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