Reviews: Trepid Elucidation - Upcoming Reality

Reviews: Trepid Elucidation - Upcoming Reality

Reviews: Trepid Elucidation - Upcoming Reality

First Full Length debut Album from Portugal Technical Brutal Death Metal Band, Trepid Elucidation.

1st track, Unquestionable Death. Started with Sirine sound. The Cymbal is really Noise and the Double Bass pretty solid. Low Guttural and Thrash riffs. The Guitar solo are very Harmonize, although this song Brutal and Thrash. 2nd track, Upcoming Reality. This song is pretty Chaos and Brutal. Behind the Brutality of this song, the Shredding parts of this song are sick and solid. 3rd track, Beyond Compassion. The Double Pedals are madness like Machine Gun, and the Guitar solo are Dark and Madness. Dark riffs, Blasting and Experimental sounds on the outro, that’s great combination.

4th track, Diminished Into A Spacetime Interval. This song more Melodic and the riffs are Darker. 5th track, Paradigm. I think this song easier than previous tracks. Easier, but the Guitar solo is sick. 6th track, Corpse That Breeds. This song rather Progressive. Changeable tempo and changeable composition. This’s Harmonize Brutal song.

The compositions are really Harmonize and Solid. Like Death, but more Brutal and more Chaos.
Score: 100%
Trepid Elucidation:

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