Reviews: Walk In Darkness - In the Shadows of Things

Reviews: Walk In Darkness - In the Shadows of Things

First Full Length Album from Italian Gothic Metal Band, Walk In Darkness. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Heavy Wings of Destiny (feat. Emiliano Pasquinelli). The riffs rather Thrash with gloomy Melodic licks and Melancholy atmosphere. They’re sang in the beauty and the beast vocals excellently. 2nd track, Last Siren. 50% Heavy Metal and 50% Doom Metal. On the last part tempo change to fast and the guitar soli is melancholic. 3rd track, Chance in the Storm. This song  rather Power Metal, and the riffs are heavier. Some acoustic parts are sweet. 4th track, Eternal River Flow. This song more excellent than previous tracks. This song combined Heavy Metal and Ballad song perfectly. Like listened an Angel singing.

5th track, Walk like Heroes. Some parts of this song rather Melodic and some parts are acoustic. A Heavy song for a Heroes. 6th track, Carthage. Although this song is slow, and the riffs rather Thrash. Acoustic guitar lick on the intro is Excellent. 7th track, Dance of Time. The Dark song with Heavy and Sharp riffs. Dark atmosphere with Heavy Riffs. 8th track, Alexandria (feat. Magdalena Lee). 2 Angels sang. This song rather power metal added with acoustic licks part. A great ending song.

All songs on this album are easy. Easy, but solid. They were combine many elements like Heavy, Doom Power, Thrash, Symphonic and Gothic.
In the Shadows of Things, The Beautiful of the Darkness.
Score: 95%
Walk In Darkness:

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