Interview with Sweeping Death

Interview with Sweeping Death

Sweeping Death is Progressive Thrash Metal Band from Wildsteig, Bavaria, Germany. They're Andreas Bertl - Bass, Tobias Kasper - Drums, Piano, Markus Heilmeier - Guitars, Simon Bertl - Guitars, Backing Vocals, and Elias Witzigmann - Vocals. Sweeping Death gave us some information. Check it out.

Tell us about Sweeping Death:
We are five young guys from southern Germany and we are currently on the never ending path of finding “our” Sound. We love Music and we love to present our Music Live. Maybe, with a little luck and some time, we can even push the boundaries of our Genre. So keep our name in mind!

What are lyrical themes of Sweeping Death?
On the “Astoria”-Ep, every song has a slightly different approach when it comes to Lyrics. We try to describe Emotions and Feelings the people can relate to. But we also have some very personal stuff going on.

What are your influences?
We started with Thrash, love Iron Maiden, recently experienced scandinavian Black Metal and love progressive Music. It becomes more and more important for us to create something, the people haven't heard before.

How did you choose the cover artwork?
The Artwork is made by the American Artist “Jeff Carr”. We found his stuff on the internet and loved his style. So we asked him to make some scatches and started working on it. It took some time, but in the end we love it and think it fits the Music well.

How were the songs written?
We write our Songs as a Band. Everyone contributed something to the Songs and I think that's one of the reasons, why it never gets boring to listen to it. A lot of Bands tend to have one Mastermind, but we have five and are proud of it.

How did the recording process go?
We booked a Studio, went there, recorded the Songs. We had some problems, but we finished everything and learned a lot for our future Studio-Sessions. Recording a good Album is all learning by doing!

What are your future plans?
We want to get out on the road and have fun, thats what it's all about in the end. Having a good time with the people and some big emotions together! Besides that we write new stuff and will hopefully record a new Album in the future.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
The US, because nobody of us ever went there and we are sure to find some new experiences there. But also Scandinavia or Russia. In fact every new country we can travel to and play our music there is great!
What bands would you like to play alongside?
I think the whole Band would be extremly proud to play with a Band like “Opeth” sometimes, we all love them and their music. It's the same with “Gojira” and a Bunch of other Bands.

Any last words?
Listen to the “ASTORIA”-EP and track us somewhere on the internet. We are writing on some great stuff..!!! Thank you for the support!

Sweeping Death:

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