Reviews: Extravasion - Origins of Magma

Reviews: Extravasion - Origins of Magma

EP Debut from French Technical Death Thrash Metal. I reviews this EP track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Castle. Slide and simple. Ean easy listening opening song. 2nd track, Flames of Industry. The vocals like Bathory in Album “Requiem” but more Progressive and with some Death Metal influences. The drums are solid and the guitar riffs are sharp. 3rd track, Origins of Magma. Started with Heavy Bass licks, the shredding guitar part on the intro is sick and mad.  His harsh vocals are fury. 4th track, Circle of Life. The Wah guitar on into is sick and the Slayer influence is big. Like Slayer, but more Progressive and Death. 5th track, Bankster. The intro is very Jazz and slow. I love the intro. The riffs are sharp and very 80s thrash metal. 80s Thrash Metal with sick progressive elements and great guitar solo, this’s insane song. 6th track, Consume. This song is very Groove Metal. Yeah, more Modern than previous tracks. 7th track, La Nuit. Started with acoustic guitar licks. This song rather Melodic and Shredding guitar licks are insane and solid. The acoustic guitar solo on middle part is excellent. This song combine Progressive, Thrash, Acoustic and Neoclassical perfectly.

Like Slayer, but more Progressive, Melodic and Death.
Extravasion playing with fury and artistic. They were combine a fury and great art.
Score: 100%

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