Reviews: Mask of Semblant – Existence

Reviews: Mask of Semblant – Existence

EP Debut from Brazilian Melodic Death Metal Band. I reviews this EP track bi track. Check it out.

1st track, Releasing the seals (intro). Just acoustic song with a little bit ambient element. Calm and slow. 2nd track, War. The composition mostly like Soilwork and a little bit electronic element. This song rather Dark. 3rd track, Famine. The vocals are mixed (clean and harsh), his sang in clean vocals perfectly. Acoustic elements are excellent and the guitar solo is slow & simple. 4th track, Plague. The guitar licks are very Harmonize and the Piano sound made this song more Melancholic. It’s melancholic melodic death metal song. The reff very clean. 5th track, Death. The atmosphere of this song are melancholy & gloom and the acoustic guitar solo is excellent. 6th track, Antichrist. The music composition is simple and very neoclassical.

The music composition especially guitar riff, guitar licks and vocals are like Soilwork. The atmosphere of almost all track in this EP are Melancholy.
The Beauty of Melancholy.
Score: 95%
Mask of Semblant:

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  1. Outstanding album. Very aggressive music with a melodic tone, great production too. Nice recommendation.


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