Reviews: Maysaloon - The Forgotten Dawn

Reviews: Maysaloon - The Forgotten Dawn

First Full Length Album from Syrian Death Metal Band. I reviews this Album track by track.

1st track, Lama Bada Yatathna (Intro). It’s excellent and epic opening. 2nd track, The First Believer (Al Namroud). The riffs are solid, the guitar licks and the guitar solo are very harmonic. A dark song with harmonize composition. 3rd track, Hatred and Pain will always remain. The guitar licks are very Neoclassical so that made this song is great. 4th track, Seals Of Astarte. The music is dark and the riffs are coarse. 5th track, Tanit Demands Her Due. This song more Technical Death Metal, more Brutal and the more Blasting. The harmonic guitar licks are beauty. 6th track, Seeds Of Sanity. The guitar licks are epic and harmonize. This song is easy and dark. 7th track, The Horrid Homage. This song rather Blackened Death Metal, especially Vocals and the guitars riffs Raw. The Guitar solo is insane, harmonize and dark. 8th track, The Forgotten Dawn (Instrumental). An easy instrumental song.

A little bit of Technical Death Metal and a lot of Melodic Death Metal. Dark Atmosphere, and Middle Eastern.
A Harmonization of the Darkness.
Score: 90%

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