Reviews: Regurgitate Life - Obliteration Of The Self

Reviews: Regurgitate Life - Obliteration Of The Self

2nd Full Length Album from United Kingdom Death Metal Band, Regurgitate Life. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, The Lows One Goes To. The atmosphere is a little bit avant-garde and the riffs are sharp and groove. The composition is brutal and chaos, and the guitar solo is very progressive and madness. 2nd track, This Great Divide. Chaos and brutal composition with a little bit of darkness. Changeable tempo and changeable composition with haarmonize guitar solo. A harmonize of brutality.

3rd track, Ownlife. Some riffs, some blasting and guitar solo are very Black Metal. It’s Brutal Blackened Death Metal song. 4th track, House On The Cliff Face. The riffs more Black Metal,  with some industrial elements and ended with breakdown parts so that made this song rather Deathcore. This song combine death, black, industrial and deathcore perfectly.

5th track, Self Seeded. The blasting really solid and mad, the riffs are sharp and heavier & great harmonic minor guitar solo. 6th track, Under The Paper Sky. The beginning the song tempo is slow, and the music tempo changeable. Acoustic guitar licks part on this song made rather calm. 7th track, Death Worship. The riffs are heavier and sharp and the guitar licks are insane. They were ended this album with sick instrumental ending.

The Cover Art is very Artistic, Abstract, and have religious message. The compositions are brutal and the riffs are heavier and sharp. It’s easy listening Progressive Death Metal album, I’m very enjoyable every tracks on this Album.
Score: 97%
Regurgitate Life:

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