Reviews: Sound Keeper - Whispers of Decay

Reviews: Sound Keeper - Whispers of Decay

EP Debut from Mexican Progressive Symphonic Metal Band. I reviews this EP track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Damnation. The riffs are sharp and rather Thrash Metal, the Symphonic and classical elements are Dark and with Excellent Angelic vocals. Yeah, the Guitar solo is simple and great. 2nd track, The Sky. This song rather Melodic and rather Power Metal. The Symphony is melancholy and the guitar solo is harmonize. 3rd track, Deceitful Pain. This song a bit atmospheric and great duet between The Beauty and The Beast. The Guitar solo rather Neoclassical. 4th track, Shame. This song Darker than previous tracks, and the guitar solo I awesome great. 5th track, Whispers of Decay. The Beauty and The Beast vocals, the guitar riffs coarse and rather Thrash, the tempo is power metal and changeable composition.

The Clean Male vocals remind to James Hetfield and The Female vocals are excellent.
The composition Dark and a lot Neoclassical. 60% Progressive, 30% Power & Thrash and 10 Gothic Metal.
Simple, Progressive and Dark.
Score: 90%
Sound Keeper:

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