Reviews: Svartstorm - Illusion Of Choice

Reviews: Svartstorm - Illusion Of Choice

The debut album by gothic extreme metal band from Saratov (Russia). I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Мы Просили У Вечности Рай. This song it’s too hard rock, his voice husky and heavy. 2nd track, Чёрный Цвет Лжи. The double pedal drums are solid and the symphony is calm. His vocals more varied. 3rd track, Мёртвый Город. The guitar riffs very groove metal and make this song more modern.

4th track, Проклятые. The composition is easy and good combination between modern metal and classic music. 5th track, Ненужные Люди. This song very Power Metal, and the vocals are awesome. Female vocal is awesome and the drums are solid. 6th track, Ветер Февраля. Like previous track, but without female vocals. This song very Power Metal.

7th track, Стены Этих Домов. A power metal song with a lot harsh vocals. The guitar solo is so mad. 8th track, Ошибки Творца. A power thrash metal with blasting and mixed vocals (harsh and clean). The blastings are fury. 9th track, В Вечном Забвении. The reffs are very catchy, and the double pedal are solid.

50% Heavy Metal and 50% Power Metal. 50% Harsh Vocals and 50% Clean Vocals.
It’s Easy, but Heavy.
Score: 90%

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