Reviews: Virulent Depravity - Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

Reviews: Virulent Depravity - Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

Full Length Debut Album from American Technical Death Metal Band. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Serpentine Messiah. The Guitars licks are very insane, the drums are very solid and the cymbals are noisy. A chaotic opening song with Neoclassical and Jazz elements. Really chaos but great. 2nd track, Spineless Obedience. The guitar licks are very beauty. Beauty melody and very progressive. Blasting, Progressive and Beauty. 3rd track, Your Demise. Solid double pedal and blasting with great progressive guitar solo. Sick Progressive Death Metal song. 4th track, Desecrating Eden. This song is a lot Neoclassical elements and the music are Darker. The guitar licks are really sacred than previous tracks. 5th track, Fruit of the Poisoned Tree. The guitar licks are complex and beauty. The guitar licks remembered me to Necrophagist.

6th track, Bad Drug. The riffs and licks are Dark. The Neoclassical Guitar solo very sacred and mad. Insane short song. 7th track, Beyond the Point of No Return. Distortion à Acoustic (01:46 until 02:18) à Distortion. Although shortest track on this album, but the composition very mad. Another insane short song. 8th track, Only Human. The composition and tempo always changeable. The guitar licks are complex & the guitar solo is complex too, and this song ended with slow guitar licks. 9th track, Mechanized Defilement. The composition rather unique especially the guitar licks. Neoclassical guitar solos are so beauty and awesome. Death and Beauty. 10th track, Crushed by Futuristic Filth. The Neoclassical guitar licks are rather Dark, and a lot jazz guitar licks. The jazz part on the outro is Calm. It’s perfect song and perfect combination between Neoclassical and Progressive.

This album talk about Nature and Defilement. The vocals sang with fury, the drums are full blasting and the Guitar licks and solo are played on Progressive and Neoclassical. The cover art is very Great. Great cover and great composition.
A Neoclassical, A Progressive and Nature.
Score: 100%
Virulent Depravity:

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  1. Wow, extremely complex, constant shifting between styles within songs. Technical death metal to the extreme. But not to the point where it's not enjoyable on the contrary it keeps each song fresh. Very good.


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