Saqar, Technical Death Metal Band from Egypt

Saqar, Technical Death Metal Band from Egypt

Saqar is Technical Death Metal Band from Alexandria, Egypt. They're Khaled El-Sisi - Guitars, and Bloodreaver - Vocals. Past Members: Gasser - Bass, Mahmoud Aly - Drums, and Amrawy - Guitars.Lyircal themes about: Biblical and Quranic allusions, talking about Religious Scriptures and Events. Saqar @

Saqar Discography:

- The Reckoning. Type: EP. Released on March 17th, 2017.

The Reckoning:

- Music Composition and Performance: Khaled El-Sisi.
- Lyrics & Vocaling: Bloodreaver.
- Album Art: Dina Yacout
- Recording, Mixing, & Mastering by Khaled El-Sisi at Khaled El-Sisi Home Studio.

* Recording Equipment:-
- Instruments:
- Guitars:
- BC Rich ASM Pro.
- Ibanez S7420.
- Amps: Marshall Valvestate 8100.
- FX: Line 6 POD HD Pro.
- Mics: MXL 990/991.
- Audio Interface: Focusrite Scarlett Solo.
- DAW: Cubase 5.
- Drums were programmed with EZDrummer by Khaled El-Sisi 

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