Interview with AnodhoR

Interview with AnodhoR

Anodhor is Folk Metal Band from Spain. They're Alba Santiago - Bass, Jacky - Drums, Bruno Cerviño - Flute, Sergio Area - Guitars, Saúl Castro - Guitars, Tin González - Violin, and Juan Carlos Hernández - Vocals. Anodhor gave us some information. Check it out.

Tell us about AnodhoR?
We are a folk metal band from Galicia (Spain), formed in 2013. We mix death metal rythms with many melodies, which are played by a violin and a tin whistle.

What are lyrical themes of AnodhoR?
Each song tells a different story, from a fantasy war between mithycal forest's creatures and humans (Break the Silence), to the tragic story of Lucifer and Lilith (Soulless).

What are your influences?
Each member of our band has his/her own influences and that can be noticed in all songs. Our influences are quite different and we really like how this affects our music.

How did you choose the cover artwork for "Break The Silence"?
Our band has a great past with deers, so we decided to adopt one of that lovely animals as our pet. That's how Breo was born, and we all agreed that he must be in the cover of our first CD.

How were the songs written?
First we make the instrumental part and then we listen to the music and look for the inspiration. Every song has its own story, so we must find it and write about it.

How did the recording process go?
It was a long process due to the inestability of the band the last years. Releasing this EP it was something we wanted to do long time ago but there were always new members joining us and, with those changes, our music was always evolving. We are glad with the final result, by the way, and we are really gratefull to Byktor Gómez for his work.

What are your future plans?
We are working really hard to introduce galician bagpipe to our new songs and, also, we are planing in some vocal changes. But we want all this to fit perfectly in our music, so we don't know yet when this changes are going to happen.

Are there any countries you’re interested in touring or performing in? Why?
We would love to perform in every country, of course, but if we have to choose... Probably countries like Ireland, or North-Europe countries, which have a long Folk Metal tradition.
What bands would you like to play alongside?
We love playing with other Folk Metal bands! We've already played alongside great national and international ones like Lèpoka, Salduie or Folkheim (from Chile). However, sharing a stage with bands like Mägo de Oz or Eluveitie would be a dream come true.

Any last words?
Yeah! We want to thank BDP Metal for this interview, the first one we have to answer in english, by the way. And if you are reading this and you are curious about our music: you can download it for free in our Bandcamp, listen to it in spotify and you can follow us on Facebook for more news!
We hope you enjoy!

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