Interview with Maciej Kamuda

Interview with Maciej Kamuda

This’s Interview between us with Polish Metal Illustrator, Maciej Kamuda. Check it out.

Please give a brief introduction of yourself, your career and your work.
My name's Maciej Kamuda and I draw Satan and death. Yes, I'm a cheerful guy. I work with bands, clothing companies etc. Basically I do illustrations, lots of it. 

When did realize you wanted to make a career out of illustrating?
I always wanted to do this. I can't live without drawing, this is something I do since always. There's no story behind it, it was totally natural and obvious to me. No, to be totally honest, Satan told me to do so.

What difficulties have you faced in transitioning into becoming a professional illustrator?
Breaking through and then gaining the proper attention that would give me more clients, so more people could see my work. It's all about building your own name, let's call it "reputation", a "legacy" and stays with it. It's a long and hard road, especially when you're on your own. It's tough to start and it's tough to continue, to go further and not to stand in place or most of all not to go back. It's like walking on thin line, if you lose your focus you're fucked.  

What do you like the most about illustrating?
The process of creation.

What do you like the least about it?
The process of creation. Seriously, the whole process is something you love and hate at the same time. It can give you nightmares sometimes.

Who are some of your main artistic inspirations and why?
Satan because he's cool. And Simon Bisley but that might be the same person. You see I like a lot of artists, you would need another interview to talk about all of them but the thing is, I try not to be inspired by others work. I try to seek inspiration elsewhere, in music, in movies, etc. And in Satan. You know, because he's cool. Had I mention that already? 

What is the best advice you have ever received regarding your artwork and career?
A lot of people give advices. I hate advices because I like to learn on my mistakes. I've never received one worth mentionning. I'll let you know when I get one.

What are some of your goals for the future?
Do all the stuff that I planned few years ago. Also - finish that goddamn comic book.

Do you have a philosophy behind your work?
Yeah, do whatever you want and feel that is good for you, fuck all the people that think they know better, all those smartasses that only try to take you down. Do your thing. Also listen to what Satan says.

Any last words.
Not yet.

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