Reviews: Blessing ov Fire - Divine War

Reviews: Blessing ov Fire - Divine War

EP Debut from Polish Melodic Death Metal Band, Blessing Ov Fire. I reviews this EP track by track.

1st track, Broken Hope. The composition is like Dark Tranquility and a little bit Power Metal. The riffs more Heavy and he guitar licks and guitar solo are simple and easy listening. An easy opening. 2nd track, Divine War. The riffs rather Thrash and more Blasting. The vocals like Dark Tranquility. 3rd track, Hate ov Existence. The voocals is very The Black Dahlia Murder. The Bass solo and licks are Groovy and Guitar solo is very simple and like Dark Tranquility. 4th track, Obsessed. The licks are Dark and the riffs are coarse. Very Dark Tranquility.

90 Dark Tranquility and 10% The Black Dahlia Murder.
Score: 90%
Blessing ov Fire:

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