Reviews: Cuarzo – Cuarzo

Reviews: Cuarzo – Cuarzo

Full Length Debut Album from Peruvian Stoner Doom Metal Band. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Sintiendo El Éter. Cold Atmosphere, Noise Cymbal and the riffs are so Drone. 2nd track, Valhalla. Stoner-Drone Riffs, Noise Cymbal and Blues solo. The vocals more Dry than Ozzy. 3rd track, Orgia En Acido. Started with soft Blues licks. This song mostly instrumental, mostly stoner Noise and some drone. 4th track, Nympho. Simple blues licks, noise cymbal and Heavier riffs.

5th track, Duna Inhospita. The voice like an Alien voices. Simple and Psychedelic. 6th track, Humo Rojo. A little bit vocals and a lot stoner & blues. 7th track, Absenta Negra. Although the riffs are heavier, but the blues licks are soft. 8th track, Energumeno. It’s good bluesy-stoner ending song. Heavier and Blues!

The riffs are heavier, the cymbal are noise, dry vocals, and cold psychedelic atmosphere.
Drone, Stoner, Psychedelic and Blues.
Score: 93%

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