Reviews: Deus Ex Machina - A New World to Come

Reviews: Deus Ex Machina - A New World to Come

First Full Length Album from Swiss Metal Band. I reviews this album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, A New World to Come. She’s singing like Wrath, the riffs are sharper & rather Djent and the guitar solo is very simple & harmonize. 2nd track, Home. This song a lot Industrial, & ambient elements, and also guitar solo very excellent and simple. 3rd track, Unfaithful Whispers. With some electronic and industrial elements, the vocals are mixed, and the guitar solo simple and harmonize.

4th track, Human Savior. This song darker, and the guitar solo more solid. 5th track, Chrysalis. This song slower than previous tracks, and with some acoustic elements. The composition easier, easy listening and the guitar solo is melancholic. Started and ended with acoustic guitar licks. 6th track, Dualism. This song very Djent and very Space. This song started and ended with Ambient sounds.

7th track, My Lament (Before The Disaster). A sadness Djent song. The tones,rythm and vocals are very melancholic. 8th track, Shadows From The Past. Started with gloomy tones and drums roll. The riffs are sharp, low and melancholic. Although Groove Metal, but this song very Melancholic and Gloom. 9th track, Born. This song more Clean vocals, more Melodic, more Noisy and more shredding licks.

3 last tracks (7th, 8th & 9th track) are very Melancholic. This album very Dark, Sharp and Gloom. These songs mostly mid-tempo, but although mid-tempo but every tracks are solid, sharp and great.
It’s Melancholic Groove Metal Album.
Score: 94%
 Deus Ex Machina:

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