Reviews: Dimorfia – Utopia

Reviews: Dimorfia – Utopia

Dimorfia Full Length Debut Album. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Alea Jacta Est (instrumental). Just an simple classical instrumental song. This song heard cold and dark. 2nd track, Signs of the fall. Her vocals very beauty and like Tarja and also his vocals are heavy. The symphonic splendor and simple guitar solo. 3rd track, Fatal final kiss. Male and Female vocals are balance. The double pedals are more solid. The Synth solo is amazing.

4th track, Utopia. The acoustic licks are excellent. The early parts very soft and subsequently rather Power Metal. The composition was soft, although the double pedals are solid. 5th track, Fear. The Piano and Drums more dominant. They’re sang excellently and very epic. 6th track, Witch in veil white. This song very middle east, very folk and very epic. Soprano female vocals, excellent male vocals, and middle eastern. On the last part heard Synth sound. Yeah, it’s excellent combination.

7th track, Dimorfia. The Beauty and The Beast vocals are excellent. This song heavier than previous tracks and the guitar solo is awesome. 8th track, Become god. Started with dark piano sounds. Female vocals on this song are more dominant, the choir was pretty good and the guitar solo is insane. 9th track, Stand as one. The riffs are heavy, the male & female vocals are sang excellently. As ending track, this song really awesome. They’re sang awesomely and very operatic. The guitar solo is very simple. Heavy song with simple solo.

The Female vocals are more awesome than Tarja Turunen. This album like the title, Utopia. Awesome vocals with simple composition. Although the composition was simple, but this album was Heavy. The cover art is very good.
This Album was a songs of Utopia and Fineness.
Score: 95%

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