Reviews: Energema - The Lion's Forces

Reviews: Energema - The Lion's Forces

Full Length Debut Album from Colombia. I reviews this Album track by track.

1st track, Cair Paravel. A Glorious opening instrumental song like in Fantasy movies. 2nd track, Eternity. The riffs melodic and heavier, the vocals like Stratovarious, the guitar solo very solid and the choir is good. Easy solid song. 3rd track, Lion Forces. Rather Thrash Metal but with a little bit Neoclassical elements. This song easy, but the guitar solo really great.

4th track, Aslan Call’s. Mid-tempo, easy listening and great guitar composition. The guitar licks are beauty. 5th track, Deep Magic Forest. Soft vocals and slow composition. This song really awesome and good for cooling down our mind. The composition and vocals are really excellent, the softness and beauty. 6th track, The Wood Between The Worlds. The vocals like Helloween, and the guitar solo and guitar licks are very mad. Easy song, but great.

7th track, Gog & Magog. This song combine Europe Power Metal with Japanese guitar licks, this song talk about creature that will come in Doomsday (In Indonesian: Hari Kiamat). A lot Japanese folk and great easy song. 8th track, Fallen Of An Empire. The atmosphere of this song very Middle Eastern, and with a little bit Progressive elements. Most Harmonize song in this Album. 9th track, Ancient Rebellion. Vocals like Helloween, the riffs are heavier and easy listening.

This album talk about Narnia, Fantasy and Doomsday. This Album like Helloween but with some Neoclassical, Middle Eastern and Japanese elements.
Easy Listening and Great Album.
Score: 93%

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