Reviews: Eternal Insomnia - The Endless River

Reviews: Eternal Insomnia - The Endless River

Full Length debut Album from Jordanian Melodic Death Metal Band. I reviews thia Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Intro. Gloom and Melancholic opening. 2nd track, The Endless River. Full Melodic and Full Speed from beginning until the end. The Vocals very Dark Tranquility and the guitar solo is mad. 3rd track, Sanctity of Lies. Piano sound made this song is hear classical. Full Melodic from the beginning until the end like previous track. 4th track, Eternal War. The song tempo is mid-tempo and with a little bit clean vocals.

5th track, Anguish (Instrumental). Simple song with excellent guitar solo. 6th track, Requiem. The riffs are very Thrash, Heavier and Melancholic. It’s Heavy track. 7th track, Blind Souls. The Beauty and The Beast vocals are excellent. However, The Beauty vocals made this song more colorful on this album. 8th track, Brothers in Death. This song rather Black Metal, especially the riffs and the vocals. Yeah, good blackened death metal song.

Their style like Dark Tranquility. It’s Dark Tranquility of Jordan.
Score: 90%
Eternal Insomnia:

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