Reviews: Killing Suzy - Everybody dies, darling!

Reviews: Killing Suzy - Everybody dies, darling!

Full Length Album from Germany Metal Band. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Everybody Dies. This song a lot ambient elements and this song is too rock. It’s good symphonic ambient rock song with some blasting elements. 2nd track, Sisters. The cymbals are noise, the guitar solo was shredding and sick. The riffs on this song heavier than previous track. 3rd track, Falling. The vocals more excellent, easier and more splendor than previous tracks. 4th track, Broken Dreams. The tempo rather fast and the symphony darker. The guitar solo is excellent and melancholy. 5th track, Pain Makes Me Stronger. This song it’s too easiest and hard rock. But, not bad. 6th track, Lament In Prediction. The symphony so splendor. It’s splendor heavy metal song. 7th track, Courtly Love. The riffs heavier & darker with a little bit harsh vocals. 8th track, Nail In My Flesh. This song more hard and more melancholy. 9th track, Aphelion. Easy listening song with heavy riffs. 10th track, Atlantis. They ended this album with easiest ending excellently.

Easy, but not bad. Heavy Metal is not must heavy.
Score: 87%
Killing Suzy:

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