Reviews: Megaira - Power, Lies and Death

Reviews: Megaira - Power, Lies and Death

First Full Length Debut Album from Brazilian Metal Band. I reviews this album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Rising of the King (Intro). Just an epic opening. 2nd track, Power, Lies and Cruelty. The Beauty and the Beast vocals with Thrash riffs. The riffs are very heavier & middle eastern and the guitar solo is Great. 3rd track, Ariadne's Thread. The guitar solo on this song really awesome. Heavy riffs and awesome solo. 4th track, The Fall of Minotaur. This song more a lot of Death Metal. A Death Metal song with Symphonic and Middle Eastern elements. A harmonize song.

5th track, Dedalus and Icarus Scape. This song are Heavy and Dark, especially the guitar riffs. Dark song, but beauty. 6th track, Corona Borealis. The riffs are groove & coarse and this song combine with symphonic. The guitar solo is simple. 7th track, End of a Reign. This song more Power, the Drums are more Solid and more Blasting. Her scream hear in some parts. 8th track, Erinyes. The riffs are sharp & heavier, this song rather melodic and more Blasting. This song really fury.

The Beauty and The Beast combine with Modern Thrash Metal elements. Every tracks are really solid. An Angel and a Beast sang about Power, Lies and Death.
Score: 95%

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