Reviews: Rhumpage - Replug Your Brain

Reviews: Rhumpage - Replug Your Brain

EP Debut from Switzerland Metal Band. I reviews this EP track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Choux-pommes. The music composition like RATM, but the riffs sharper and the bass licks are heavy. Rather progressive and groovy composition. 2nd track, Messing Crowd. 90s Metal with Djent riffs. This riffs on this song sharpest than previous track. 3rd track, B.2.0.. Solid composition, and the hardcore element more pronounced. The Guitar solo rather Industrial.

4th track, T'as fait du mannequinat?. A Psychedelic intstrumental song. 5th track, Salutations à la Maman. Noisy Cymbal, the Guitar solo more Industrial than previous tracks and the riffs are Heaviest. 6th track, Replug Your Brain. The Drums are really solid. The Guitars rather melodic and harsh. The Guitars really amazing.

Like RATM, but with Djent and Mathcore influences. Rhumpage combine Nu-Metal, Djent, and Mathcore magnificently.
Score: 100%

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