Reviews: Sentient Ignition - Enthroned in Gray

Reviews: Sentient Ignition - Enthroned in Gray

Full Length debut album from American Progressive Death Metal Band. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Ascension. Dark and Splendor opening. 2nd track, Enthroned in Gray. The guitar licks rather Dark and The Clean Vocals rather husky. The licks melodic & Neoclassical and the vocals are mixed (harsh and clean vocals). The Jazz elements are solid, they were combine Jazz and Neoclassical perfectly. 3rd track, Black Lattice. Dry Harsh Vocals, Husky Clean Vocals, more Progressive and a little bit Neoclassical element. The Guitar riffs and Drums are more solid and more blast. The Bass licks are Groovy.

4th track, A Thousand Ages. The Guitar licks like Obscura and the licks are very epic. The Neoclassical licks are tiny, but more epic than previous tracks. 5th track, Grasp of the Infinite. The Guitar licks are very awesome and magnificent. The music composition very harmonize. Blas Beat and Epic Neoclassical licks.

6th track, Wardens of Intellect. This song like The Black Dahlia Murder, but more Progressive, and the vocals more variety. 7th track, Binding Time. I think this song is easier than previous tracks. Longest duration, but easy listening and easy composition. The vocals are like Metalcore bands.

It’s Moderate Progressive Death Metal Album. Every tracks are Great and the Neoclassical licks combine with Progressive elements are really magnificent.
Score: 100%
Sentient Ignition:

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