Reviews: Sinheresy – Domino

Reviews: Sinheresy – Domino

2nd Full Length Album from Italian Metal Band. I reviews this album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Domino. The riffs are very Groove Metal, the vocals composition are better and some breakdown elements made this song more Modern.  Although without guitar solo, but this’s sharp opening. 2nd track, Star Dome. This song more Djent and the female vocals & male vocals are very excellent. Sharper riffs with great voices. 3rd track, Without A Reason. Although the riffs are coarse, & sharp, but this song is slower and softer than previous tracks. The Synth solo and the Guitar solo are simple and solid.

4th track, My Only Faith. This song slower than 1st and 2nd track, although the riffs are sharp. Female vocals more dominant, but with some Beast Vocals (Male Harsh Vocals).  Great song! 5th track, Unspoken Words. This song more Heavy Metal, but the guitar riffs are rather Djent. The symphony is splendor like in fantasy movies. 6th track, Under Your Skin. The female and male vocals are soft, the riffs are coarse and the symphony very excellent. A song with sharp riffs and excellent symphony.

7th track, The Island Of Salt And Grass. This song mostly slow Metal, although the riffs are sharp and groove. The guitar solo very excellent. 8th track, Ocean Of Deception. Electronic elements and groove metal riffs made this song more Modern. The Bass licks are very Groovy and solid. 9th track, Believe. Soft vocals, Groove riffs, some Electronic elements, and simple good guitar solo. It’s Easy Groove song. 10th track, ...Another Life. Although some distortion, this song really great. Female soft vocals, acoustic guitar licks and minor guitar solo are very excellent. An excellent good song for cooling down our mind after listening Heavy tracks previously.

Groove Metal, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Symphony, and Electronic. All in One Album. The Male and Female Vocals are very Excellent, they’re sang perfectly. The riffs are Sharp and in some songs rather Djent.
It’s Beauty Groove Metal Album.
Score: 92%

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