Reviews: The Autist - The Coldest Sun

Reviews: The Autist - The Coldest Sun

Full Length Album from The Autist, female fronted metal project with prog/symphonic elements from Portugal/Russia featuring Polina Psycheya as main vocalist.

1st track, Rebirth. This song very melancholic, especially it’s atmosphere. Melancholic opening. 2nd track, The Coldest Sun (feat. Alina Lesnik). The riffs rather Djent & a little bit Melodic, and the vocals are very awesome, it’s The Beauty and The Witch. The heavy song ended with melancholic piano and whispers. 3rd track, Stardust. Changeable tempo and the composition really solid. His sang in harsh & clean vocals and the female clean vocals are awesome & excellent like a goddess. Solid and Heavy song.

4th track, Age of Leviathan (feat. Chiara Tricarico). The composition is better, especially on vocals that sang in harsh and clean. 5th track, Fallen. A little bit Electro and a little bit Harsh vocals. This song rather Metalcore and the riffs are sharp, although I think 80% Modern Heavy Metal. 6th track, The Great Lioness. Rather Melodic, and Djent. Although short, but however The Autist present a great song. 7th track, 1349 (feat. Alina Lesnik). Just short melancholic song.

8th track, Loveless. This song slower, easier and more Slow Rock than previous tracks. Great song for cooling down. 9th track, Ethereal. Metalcore combine with Female vocals and electronic elements. It’s good combination. 10th track, The Sanctuary. Although this song slow and melancholic, but her Harsh vocals are awesome. 11th track, Pandora's Curse (feat. Polina Psycheya). Another song with The Beauty and The Witch vocals song, her clean vocals are very awesome and rather soprano. And then, the riffs and the guitar licks are solid & good.

Excellent Modern Metal Album. Easy composition and solid arrangement.
Score: 94%
The Autist:

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