Reviews: Lares - Mask of Discomfort EP

Reviews: Lares - Mask of Discomfort EP

EP Debut from German Metal Band. I reviews this EP track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Witness of Lares. Stoner riffs, noise cymbal and Black Metal vocals. The atmosphere very slightly tipsy, and the music tempo is mid-tempo before become fast and blasting on 04:50 until the end. 2nd track, Swallow You. The spoken words like dialogue in the Movies and the intro like a Space sounds. His vocals is Blackened Death Metal vocals. This song Heavy and Noise. 3rd track, Fog of Terror. The cymbals are noise and the riffs are sharp. The psychedelic effect so calm. 4th track, Conjuring. The riffs and the atmosphere are calm, although the music are noise and blackened. 5th track, The GodMachine. The atmosphere really awesome, and synth sounds on this song are really sharp. I love the synth sounds and atmosphere sounds on this song. 6th track, Mask of Discomfort. Although the riffs are heavier and stoner, but the atmosphere are calmer and cool.

Heavy and Dark.
Score: 94%

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