Reviews: Nihilation - A Misanthrope's Guide To The Planet

Reviews: Nihilation - A Misanthrope's Guide To The Planet

Full Length Album from Germany Progressive Black Death Metal Band. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, A Misanthrope's Guide To The Planet. A misanthrope and dark atmosphere felt on this song. The guitar solo so minor and harmonize also gloom. The adjustment tempo on this song so drastic. 2nd track, The Raven. The riffs are very solid and thrash. Her vocals like is tormented and this song rather melodic also the guitars rather Funk. Funk after distortion. 3rd track, Forced to Feel. Acoustic alongside distortion combine perfectly, this song very Opeth. 4th track, Way Out. The licks very Neoclassical and Dark, also acoustic part on this song so calm and the guitar solo are minor & melancholic. 5th track, Life. Like Opeth, but the riffs are more solid and sharper also the vocals are great. 6th track, World War 3. Just waiting for World War 3, false flag operation can start this war like WW1 and WW2. War in Syria, Iraq and Yemen are gate for World War 3 or Armageddon. This song talk about wrathfulness and disappointed. Although this song Brutal, but the guitar solo are very jazz and melancholic.

Nihilation combine Melancholy, Gloomy, Darkness, Wrath and Progressive perfectly. Progressive composition like Opeth with lyrical themes about War, Misanthrope, Life and War. Her sang like a Beast.
The Beautiful of the Melancholy and Progressive.
Score: 98%

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