Reviews: Reave - Ruins EP


Reviews: Reave - Ruins EP

EP Debut from American Underground Melodic Death Metal Band. I reviews this EP track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Masters of Mankind. This song a little bit Thrash Metal and the composition like Slayer. It’s Death Metal version of Slayer. 2nd track, Ruins. The licks are awesome and catchy. Dry harsh vocals, catchy composition and Thrash! The guitar solo was very sick and insane. Easy guitar solo, but madness. 3rd track, No Mercy for the Weak. This song little bit Technical Death Metal. The composition was noise and chaotic. Like Dark Tranquility, but rather Technical Death Metal. 4th track, Exodus to Andromeda. The riffs are thrash, heavy and sharp. This song rather Drone and more mid-tempo. 5th track, Beast of Creation. The guitar licks are catchy and I enjoy that’s licks. The riffs are Thrash and the guitar solo is very awesome and insane. A melodic death thrash metal song with insane guitar solo and catchy composition. 6th track, Berserk. The riffs are more solid and the guitar solo very amazing. This song was very Dark Tranquility.

Sick Melodic Death Thrash Metal EP on this Year.
Score: 91%

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