Reviews: Heterochrome – Melancholia

Reviews: Heterochrome – Melancholia

Reviews: Heterochrome – Melancholia

Full Length Debut Album from Iran Progressive Metal Band. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Cage. Slow music and the vocals are so excellent. In the outro part music change to hard and heavy. The progressive licks are simple and catchy. 2nd track, Hang. Mid-tempo, Heavy riffs, Noise cymbal and Excellent Vocals. Female vocals remembered me to Dolores O'Riordan (The Cranberries), but Harsh vocals are little bit. But however, this song was badass. 3rd track, Regret. Started with ambient sounds. The guitar riffs are heavier and guitar licks are great. Acoustic guitar licks made this song awesome. Excellent minor instrumental song.

4th track, Purgatory. Started and Ended with acoustic guitar licks. The riffs are hard & insane and the drums very solid. Although this song heavy and hard, but acoustic part in the center part of this song made this song more excellent. 5th track, Paradise. Although this song easy listening, but the composition are great, heavy and  hard. Combination between male-female vocals, acoustic and distortion are very excellent. 6th track, Inferno. The bass licks are heavier and solid. However, the riffs are heaviest. Started with distortion and ended with acoustic guitar licks.

It’s Fantastic Album. The songs with Angelic voices and simple Progressive composition.
Score: 100%

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