Reviews: Star Eternal – Life 2.0

Reviews: Star Eternal – Life 2.0

Reviews: Star Eternal – Life 2.0

Full Length Debut Album from Australian Metal Band. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Life 2.0. His vocals rather like Jon Bon Jovi. Calm and easy opening. 2nd track, Persona No Grata. Her voices rather operatic, the riffs were Groove Metal and with some Breakdown elements. In the middle part this song change to slow and also the guitar solo is minor & beauty. 3rd track, Reach the Skies. Minor scale guitar song with The Beauty and The Beast Vocals. Heard easy, although the composition was solid. 4th track, Not That Way Anymore. This song very Heavy Metal and the guitar solo is simple & catchy. His clean vocals rather like James “The Table” Hetfield. 5th track, Rediscovery. This song a lot Heavy Metal and Synth solo is amazing.

6th track, Starting Over. excellent. Easy listening song and the vocals are 7th track, Terminal Zero. Easy song with coarse riffs and easy song with easy guitar solo. 8th track, Intraspecies Predator. This song rather Melodic, Heavier riffs, and the guitar solo is excellent. Not Power, but excellent. 9th track, Destiny. The song heard easy and she sang excellently like an Angel. The guitar solo is so excellent. 10th track, Astral Machines. It’s Epic Instrumental song. Heavy riff and with good guitar solo.

Between Beauty and Modernity. An Sci-fi Modern Metal album with excellent vocals.
Score: 95%
Star Eternal:

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