Reviews: Unfear - Chronicles of a Broken Mind

Reviews: Unfear - Chronicles of a Broken Mind

Reviews: Unfear - Chronicles of a Broken Mind

2nd Full Length Album from Argentine Melodic Death Metal Band. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Once Upon a Time. A calm and dark opening instrumental song. The notes are excellent and calm. 2nd track, Until the Light Take Us. The riffs are coarse, the guitar licks & solo like In Flames. The Harsh vocals very Evil, but clean vocals made this song awesome. 3rd track, Architecture of Life. The Guitar licks are like Arch Enemy, the drums are blast, noisy and the guitar riffs rather Groove Metal. Guitar and Synth solo are awesome and insane. 4th track, Strike of Reality. The riffs are catchy and rather Thrash Metal. Great combination between Female Harsh Vocals, Female & Male Clean Vocals and also the Synth solo is Great. 5th track, Breaking Lies. The composition of clean and harsh vocals are almost balance. It’s Arch Enemy with Male and Female Clean vocals. The guitar solo is good.

6th track, Days Between Light and Darkness. The music composition is easiest, but the vocals are Magnificent. The guitar solo is simple and beauty. It’s magnificent easy listening song. 7th track, The Internal Drama. This song is easy listening, and the guitar solo simple and solid. A Melodic Death Metal song with Soft Female Clean Vocals and Easy listening composition. 8th track, Dear Ariana. Mostly Instrumental and a lot Spoken Words. Acoustic in the beginning and Minor scale. 9th track, Dreamland. This song Heavier, although the refrains are catchy and rather Power Metal. Acoustic guitar licks and piano made this song heard awesome. The guitar solo is great and mad. 10th track, Blinded by Rage. The guitar licks are very excellent & solid and also the refrains are catchy. The composition was changeable, and the synth solo is magnificent.

11th track, The Road so Far. Started with acoustic guitar licks, this song rather Technical Death Metal and the guitar licks and riffs are Dark. The refrains are catchy and the guitar solo is magnificent and beauty. 12th track, Forgotten Rhymes. With Electronic and Acoustic elements, this song heard more Modern and catchy. Besides that, the refrains are catchy and the guitar solo is simple and beauty. 13th track, The Point of no Return - Part I - Keeping Silence. This song easy listening, the Male Clean Vocals are heavy, and the refrains are awesome. This song is too easiest for a Melodic Death Metal song. Easy listening, but awesome.14th track, The Point of no Return - Part II - The Legacy. It’s good Slow Rock/Metal song, and the Guitar solo and licks are very Beautiful. I think this’s a song with Beauty Guitar licks and solo in this album. 15th track, The Point of no Return - Part III - The Last Words. As Melodic Metal song, this song was too easy listening. Some riffs are rather Thrash Metal, and the vocals are magnificent. 95% Clean vocals and 5% harsh vocals, this’s excellent ending song.
Unfear featured with 2 Female Vocalists and 1 Male Vocalist. The Vocals are Magnificent and The Guitar Solo & Licks are Great. Every tracks in this album are awesome and magnificent.
This’s Magnificent Melodic Death Metal Album.
Score: 100%

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