Reviews: Septicflesh - Codex Omega

Reviews: Septicflesh - Codex Omega

Reviews: Septicflesh - Codex Omega

A New Album from Septicflesh. I reviews this album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Dante's Inferno. As opening, Septicflesh was opened this album perfectly. Low growl vocals with magnificent Symphony. The tones are splendor, cold, gloom and dark. It’s the beautiful of the darkness. 2nd track, 3rd Testament. Dark and solid rhythm and also rather melodic. This song was dark and with sadness & gloomy symphony. Beauty, Gloom, Sad and Darkness all in one on this song. 3rd track, Portrait of a Headless Man. The music tempo was changeable. The symphony was dark and splendor. On this song, the dark composition was ended with excellent wind instrument. 4th track, Martyr. The music composition was easy, and the symphony was very excellent. The middle eastern tones made this song magnificent. 5th track, Enemy of Truth. Choir on the outro made this song more splendor and glorious. The beauty of the dark and the gloom.

6th track, Dark Art. This song sharper and harder than previous tracks. Effects and Symphony are really amazing, and splendor, and also he sang in harsh & clean vocals perfectly. Like the texcellent vocals. He was sang in harsh and clean vocals perfectly. Heavy song with excellent vocals. 8th track, Faceless Queen. His clean vocals and the symphony are great. This song slower than previous tracks, and a lot clean vocals. 9th track, The Gospels of Fear. The riffs are simple and the drums solid like machine gun. Without guitar solo, and splendor symphony. Simple and splendor death metal song. 10th track, Trinity. As last track, I think this song was easiest than previous tracks. Although this song was easiest track, but the drums are solid like machine gun and the orchestration & choir are magnificent.

Every tracks present the splendor and the beauty. Simple music composition with magnificent orchestration.
The Splendor of the Darkness.
Score: 100%

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