Reviews: Persona – Metamorphosis

Reviews: Persona – Metamorphosis

Reviews: Persona – Metamorphosis

2nd Album from Tunisia Alternative Symphonic Metal Band. I reviews this Album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, Prologue - The Initiation. Jelena Dobric sang perfectly in harsh and clean vocals. This song are Dark, Splendor, Classical and Heavy. On the end, the song change to slow and acoustic. 2nd track, The Omen of Downfall. The Progressive elements felt on this song. The guitar solo are classical and magnificent. Jelena Dobric vocals on this song, 50% Banshee and 50% Angel. Simple Progressive composition, but the vocals are excellent. 3rd track, Esurience Guilefulness Omnipotnce. The riffs are very Groove Metal, and the guitar solo and keyboard solo are magnificent. This song are heaviest, 50% clean and 50% harsh.

4th track, Armour of Thorns. The music composition was darker and the riffs heavier. The guitar solo are simple and dark, although simple, but progressive. Sound effects on this song made this song darker. This song to continue to 5th track or Netherlight. 5th track, Netherlight. Continued from previous track, this song very clean, simple, slow and easy listening. Although simple, but this song are beauty and dark. 6th track, Bête Noire. Tthe music composition are melancholic & neoclassical and the guitar riffs rather thrash. The Guitar solo very progressive and this song more Beast.

7th track, Invidia. This song rather Atmospheric on the intro, and the music composition changeable, from soft to hard and from hard to soft. The guitar riffs are Thrash Metal and although simple, the guitar very classical. 8th track, Hellgrind. The guitar riffs are thrash and dark, and the guitar solo are beauty, progressive and dark. The music composition was heaviest and the Keyboard solo are dark, and great. It’s magnificent track. 9th track, Credence.  Thrash Riffs and a lot melancholic symphony. Great Symphonic Thrash Metal song.

10th track, In Memoriam. This song more Symphonic and the keyboard solo very classical, dark and excellent. 11th track, The Seeress of Triumph. The only one Power Metal song on this album and none Harsh vocals. Thrash riffs and Neoclassical guitar solo. 12th track, Epilogue – The Final Deliverance. Slow ending song. Jelena Dobric sang excellently and the acoustic licks made this song more excellent.

Jelena Dobric vocals are very excellent, she sang like The Banshee and The Angel perfectly. The music composition is very magnificent, Persona combine Progressive Metal with Classical elements and Thrash Metal perfectly. It’s really Metamorphosis, from Alternative Symphonic Metal (1st Album) to Progressive Metal (2nd album). I love this album!!!
Melancholic, Beauty, Classical and Progressive. Great Album!!!!
Score: 100%

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