Reviews: Pokerface - Game On

Reviews: Pokerface - Game On

Reviews: Pokerface - Game On

2nd Full Length Album from Russian Death/Thrash Metal Band. I reviews this album track by track. Check it out.

1st track, The Bone Reaper. Although this song was mid-tempo, the composition very groovy. The riffs are sharp and the drums are solid and exciting. The guitar solo very old school, although the composition modern. 2nd track, The Fatal Scythe. Lady Owl voice like Angela Gossow. I though it Arch Enemy in Death Thrash version. Yeah, the guitar solo is catchy. 3rd track, Play or Die. This song rather crossover. Poker Face combine Hardcore Punk, Thrash and Death Metal perfectly.

4th track, Blackjack (Demonic 21). This song rather Hardcore, very Melodic and the guitar solo really sacred. Poker Face combine Melodic Thrash Metal and Hardcore Punk perfectly. 5th track, Straight Flush. The riffs are heavier and sharper, and the guitar solo really insane. 6th track, Cry. Pray. Die. Lady Owl vocals are really dry. The guitar solo really simple and sacred. 7th track, Creepy Guests. Her vocals very dry and this song very melodic. The music composition of this song really dark. It’s darkest song.

8th track, Bow! Run! Scream!. Her vocals rather Hardcore Punk, and the guitar licks are dark. Straight, Dry and Dark. 9th track, Jackpot. Wah guitar effect made this song very awesome and the guitar solo was very insane. 10th track, Game On. A lot clean vocals on this song. Yeah this song is for cooling down after listening previous tracks which mostly harsh vocals.

Conclusion: Sharp, and Madness.
Score: 96%

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