Reviews: PP Rebollar - El despertar

Reviews: PP Rebollar - El despertar

Reviews: PP Rebollar - El despertar

Full Length Debut Album from Mexican Heavy Metal Band. I reviews this album trakc by track. Check it out.

1st track, Intro (El despertar). Melancholic tones with noise cymbal. 2nd track, Fuerza Interna. Another instrumental song, the guitar licks are very Iron Maiden. It’s harmonic song. 3rd track, La Batalla del Dios y Creador. A little bit vocals and much mad guitar licks. The guitar licks like Yngwie.

4th track, El Llanto de los Desterrados. Her voices like an Angel, and this song was melancholic. It’s beauty melancholic song. 5th track, Luz. The guitar licks are very minor and melancholic and the riffs are heavy. Melancholic tones with heavy riffs and excellent angelic voices. This song ended with excellent piano and guitar. 6th track, Alegro en Memoria. The music composition was awesome, although the vocals are simple.

7th track, La Prision del Dolor and 8th track, El Temor a la Vida es la Muerte are excellent instrumental melancholic song, that’s my though. 9th track, Oscuridad. The music composition was magnificent and great. Beauty tones, excellent vocals and melancholic.

A lot instrumental songs, but this album not bad. Her vocals are very awesome.
It’s Great Melancholic Album.
Score: 95%
PP Rebollar:

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